Our extensive range of pest control services and include eradication and management of flies, ants, fleas, cockroaches, spiders, rats and miceWe've designed our pest control services to ensure that pests are effectively eradicated at all stages of their life cycle - from eggs and larvae through to adults.

We use products approved by the EPA, and our technicians are approved, professional chemical handlers - so you can be sure that your health and the environment are protected during and after our treatment.

Pre and Post Treatment Guide

It is important that your technician has easy and safe access to all entry points such as ceiling cavities, cupboards, doorways, windows and skirting boards. If you have small children and/or animals on your property, you must inform our office when you book your treatment. While tamper proof bait stations are used, we can’t guarantee that children or animals – specifically dogs – won’t break/shake the station to access the bait. If you are concerned, please talk to our office about alternative treatment options.