What to do if I have rats or mice in my house?

Like most pests in and around the home the basic principles of integrated pest management apply to all mouse and rat problems:

  • Store rubbish in secure containers with tightly fitted lids.
  • Keep the inside and outside of your home clear of food scraps, rubbish and overgrown trees/shrubs.
  • Rodents love pet food so make sure you feed your pets at set times and remove what they don't eat.
  • Secure any gaps or cracks in your home to stop rodents getting in - remember rodents only need a very small hole to gain entry to your home or business.

We can help with that!

If you have a rodent problem that you need help with get in touch with the team at Bugs Gone Pest Control:

How We Treat Rodents

We use a range of different options to manage mice and rat problems in your home or business these include but are not limited to:

  • Trapping - traps are baited with non-toxic lure and set in optimal locations. Our technician will return to dispose of any rodents caught.
  • Baiting - using tamper-proof bait stations with rodenticide poison.
  • Exclusion - along with the above we also investigate/rectify how and why the rodents are getting into your space. If we can fix the problem easily we will - alternatively we will provide you with advice on preventing rats and mice from entering your home/business.

All products used by Bugs Gone are approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority of New Zealand) and used in accordance with all NZ Health & Safety requirements.

Rats & Mice in New Zealand

Rodents are nocturnal and opportunistic feeders and can transmit diseases and bacteria pathogens, such as salmonella, to humans. Rats & Mice can also cause skin irritations, as well as allergens and breathing difficulties. They are also responsible for causing significant damage to buildings and infrastructure as they chew through pipes and electrical wiring. This creates a significant risk of flood and fires within buildings. In New Zealand we generally encounter Norway Rats (Rattus Norvegicus), Roof Rats (Rattus Rattus), and Pacific Rats, as well as Mice - Mus Musculus. Rats are considered mature in three to four months; whereas mice are mature in six weeks. Rats and mice produce up to ten babies each litter and can have between six to ten litters every year. Seeing just one or two could indicate a mouse or rat problem exists in your home or business. The reproduction rate is startling if control is not put in place.

For Rat Problems or Mice, No Job is Too Big or Small.

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