Spiders in New Zealand

Spiders have been in existence for more than 2 million years. Of the 40,000 known spider species around the globe, a whopping 2500 can be found in New Zealand.
Often mistaken for insects, spiders are a member of the arachnid family. Although all spiders bite, most do so only when they feel threatened.
Like insects, arachnids play a valuable role in New Zealand's ecosystems but many of us just don't want them in or on our homes - that's where Bugs Gone can help.

Tips for Managing Spiders

Reduce Clutter – Spiders like things they can hide in and under. Fewer places for hiding make it harder for spiders to eke out a living at your property. 

Inspect the inside of your home/business often – Spiders are drawn toward areas of low traffic. Making a point to regularly clean/dust all parts of your dwelling will reduce areas of comfort for spiders to settle in. 

Inspect the exterior regularly – most spider problems begin on the exterior of your home/business. Inspecting the exterior of the property will detect spider populations before they get a chance to expand further on the outside or spread into the structure. Reducing the amount of foliage close to your building will also remove harborage for pest insects.

Adjust lighting – If spiders are hanging around, you can change the type of window coverings to allow less light out of the home at night, or change the type of lighting inside or out to reduce food sources for spiders being attracted to your home and thus encouraging spiders. Warm LED bulbs are best for reducing insect numbers.

Pest control is a collaboration between client and urban pest professionals - Spider spray alone will not completely eradicate spiders.

If you need some help controlling spiders around your property call Bugs Gone Pest Control today.

How We Treat Spiders

  • Leave cobwebs where they are - this helps your technician assess spider activity and identify areas needing treatment.
  • A barrier application of EPA approved spider spray is applied to the base, cladding and soffit of your building.
  • Cracks and crevices where spiders reside during the day are included in the treatment.
  • If internal treatment is required this is applied along crawl areas such as skirting boards, corners, behind and under furniture.

The treatment works on residual contact. The insect has to absorb the product by crawling over the product. The product then kills the insect by affecting the nervous system.

Our pest control products are low-toxic and intended for application in homes with children and pets.
All products used by Bugs Gone are approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority of New Zealand) and used in accordance with all NZ Health & Safety requirements.